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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
Tuesday June 9th, 2009 5:31pm

i feel like asking wongwong to help~~~~~~~~ :D
tmr making chocolate chip pancake first! :D

Tuesday June 9th, 2009 8:53am
okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............ holidays are finally here! WOOTS! but then still nidda mug and do lots of PBLs so like what's the point????

yesterday there was hip hop audition :D i swear i screwed up freestyle! after dancing the audition piece i turned and see, WA LAU! they started doing freestyle le! then i'm like WTF???? the hurry chiong do~ i screwed up! what i planed de i forgot, i did the one that came to me naturally which is the one i always do...... :(  Weijie's audition was hilarious! after dancing the audition piece he counted to himself 5,6,7,8 :D then he was like 5,6,7... then the guy behind him dived to the floor and he was like WTF???? HAHAHAHAHAHAS!!!!!!!!! he was trying to krump but then weijie say he krumping macham like humping the floor! HAHAHAHAHAS!!!!!!!!! and hmm.... i passed the audition... but renee and weijie didn't... then i'm like so confused... weijie is freaking sad... should i dun join dance and join skates with him? or join both skates and dance? and dang it! got dance on wed as well! MY TKD HOW????????? i dun feel like telling ma'am, i scared scolding... but then i really worked hard to auditioned.... :(

things to do during these 3 weeks:
1. MUG!
3. long distance running + skates +cycle! must lose/tone 3 kg of muscles in 3 weeks!
4. dance!
5. sing!
6. audition! i must live, eat, sleep and breathe audition!
7. learn how to make chocolate chip pancake, rosti and cake :D
8. make myself look pretty!
9. catch up with friends :D

nidda mug a lot because after the holidays is mid-semester test le!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG~~~~~~ some kind of shit holiday this is... nidda stress for exams... okay lah but after mugging i'm gonna enjoy myself at the airport and at the F.T Island showcase! i freaking spent 10hours queuing for the ticket! i was the first in line because i reached there at like 7+ am when the tickets only start selling at 3pm :D the queue got longer at around 9+ :D when they come SG i'm also gonna freaking scream for them and book a cab to chase them to their hotel and hopfully got haptic moment! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I WANT HAPTIC MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!



milkielove.blogspot.com :D


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
Wednesday May 27th, 2009 10:02pm



*head cannot contain excitement!*



Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
Saturday May 23rd, 2009 7:16pm
i'm so freaking bored.... its a vicious cycle... everyday when i get home i have to face the screen and start thinking about reports.... its really a drag when you're doing it E.V.E.R.Y  S.I.N.G.L.E  D.A.Y....... :(

today's dance was great, sweated a lot :D hope i get thru the hip-hop audition >__< should i join the modern dance audition???

Saturday May 23rd, 2009 9:37am
i'm seriously freaking tired and its been only like what? a little more than one month? :(

james: i think one day when i wake up from school and look at the clock i'll go 'FUCK! i dun feel like going school today!' then go back to sleep

somehow i think that day is coming for me le :( dang!!!!!!!!!! hahas! then we all plan hao every alternate tuesday dun go schoo since only have one hour of school and its in the afternoon... :D so busy to be updating anything at the moment.. kkaes let's see:

1. i'm the chairperson in my class :(
2. i joined dance! WOOTS! going for dance later then next next week is audition i think :)
3. taking korean lessons in school :D
4. i love my clique :D budden now having some conflicts and most of us are like innocent hence the quote 'thou shalt not giveth a fucketh' :D
5. examinations are freaking coming and i dun think i'm prepared for it! 
6. i WILL fail spreadsheet since idk how to use excel..... :(
7. i've becomed freaking healthy because of Renee!
8. i know how to selca leeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~
9. i still nidda prepare places to go for class outing
10. i haven't do my reports and their due on monday!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll upload pics soon :D soooooooooooooooooo tired!!!!! and somehow i can't freaking give a damn to anything else but my studies and my goal now......... WTF???? I FREAKING HAVE GOT NO LIFE!!!!!!!!! c'mon! i want exams to hurry finish then i can revert back to normal! SCREW THIS!

Sunday, May 17th, 2009
Sunday May 17th, 2009 12:37pm


Saturday, May 9th, 2009
Saturday May 9th, 2009 11:50pm
whoever said poly life is easy and can slack......



Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Sunday May 3rd, 2009 9:29pm
i dun like chemical process!!!!!!!!!!! :( i like calculation and theory but i dun like practical... idk what to do and what to prepare! :( i dun even know what to write in my table of values! AIISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
Thursday April 23rd, 2009 8:38pm
chemical process principle B + me = PWNED!/KO!/GG!
i dun freaking understand what the lecturer talking abt and i think she explain till she pek chek too! standard heat of formation and standard heat of reaction... omg... beginning of the class i still dk how to do... wait till the lecturer says 'okay, if there are no further questions, you are dismissed' then i understand... wth???? and i didn't know atoms got so chim!

went to pay for my third language... went to T21, other end of school, then turns out have to pay at T4A (other end of school, my school) finance building... ****... i just came from there and its the other end of the school... then went back... then pay le they have have to bring my receipt to T21 then again i'm like **** have to go there again???? i've travelled to both ends of the schools at least 4 times! then gonna late for lecture le so want to after school pay budden hp waiting for me so i decided to go next day (today)...

on the way back, wongwong sms fe saying the event got cancelled then again i'm like ****, could have give my receipt! 

****!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i gave the receipt today i could have been in the 3.15 to 5.15 class... ****!!!!!!!!!!!!! then the receptionist was like ' you wanna go for the 3.15 class because you dun have to wait till 530pm so long right??' then i told her i got tkd at 7.30pm she just rolled her eyes then i'm like **** her!!!!!!!! if you want me to friday start at 8pm also dun ****ing care! but i'm a coach now i freaking have to be responsible for my students! ****!!!!!!! ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i should have just written my name on the list without giving the receipt first... ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she ****ing put me in the earlier class! i have 15mins to chiong from one end of the school to the other end just to take the lesson... she thinks i mind waiting 3hours if i dun have class meh???? i can go library slack leh! HELLO~~~~~~~ ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tmr going out with renee, cheryl and jiayi :) going to cotton on tgt and they want all of us to wear skirt and tank top... skirt i dun mind but i haven't worn a tank top in quite long le... idk where i threw it too! gonna go dig out later...

later i going to do my chemical process principles B tutorials... 2 questions only but still i'm lazy... working quite long... can't lazy! must get A in this then get it over with!

i thought i could escape physics, amaths and heavy bags in poly... well i was wrong... hello chemical process principles B, engineering maths and heavy notes, files and lappy :)

embrace them all with a smile :)

OME moments:
today i got in total 3.5 hours break when i'm suppose to have only one!
microbiology was boring................ -_-
i like the library!
i wanna join volleyball!
MX looks so muscular!!!!!!!! XD
tmr getting lab coat~ YAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
notes are so expensive....
bag so heavy!
today i'm so vulgar!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
Tuesday April 21st, 2009 9:59pm
1st day of school:
hmm... boring??? HAHAS! all talks and briefing... first lecture was inorganic and organic chem... started from the basics, atoms...

'a neutron walked into a restaurant and ordered a drink. when he asked for the bill, the waiter said 'for you, no charge.' OMG! LAME SAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was how mrs leong introduced the lesson... LAME!!!!! then james and i collected $38 for lab coat and class fund... OMG~ we feel so insecure with so much money! hahas! then have to go collect notes... so expensive... $6+ including binding... engineering maths we didn't do much, in fact we didn't do anything :) the teacher let us slack~ woots! then went for report writing module... quite boring also... wanted to fall asleep... then didn't know she was from CASS :) hahas! i passed hp's french application form to her then she help me pass to cass admin building :) then break! hahas, FC3 a lot of pple... made friends with cheryl, jiayi and renee :) ate tgt then went for practical tgt... omg! workshop so hot! and i feel so dumb! there's this huge opening but the top didn't say what workshop is that... then beside it there's this door with the label W315A on in... i opened and went thru the door but turns out i can just go in from the huge opening... LIKE DUH! the whole class laughed... then brief hao le dismissed :) suppose to 5pm finish but since it is first week we didn't do practical, so 3+ released :) went back to tampines with hp, fe, wongwong and weijie... went to coffeebean and talked :) omg! i made sai with my coffee!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAS! then went to see phone... i'm changing phone by this week :) thinking between Samsung Pixon or Sony Ericsson C905... OMGGGGGGGG~ IDK!!!!!!!! both like the same... i like SE because its NOT touch screen and i'm used to using SE... but the pink like disgusting and the keypad a bit stiff... i like Pixon because the colour looks nice but no keypad :( SE is camera phone with 8.1MP, Pixon is 8.0MP but i dun think the 0.1MP makes a diff...

today only have one subject and that is microbiology :) hahas! i like the microbiology lab better than the workshop, got aircon :D mr tan told us the story and accidents in the lab like super scary lah! fires happen like super often... then that time got this girl play with a valve, the valve de opening got this shutter that is sharp, she pushed to hard, the valve close, shutter falls and her finger drops to the ground... then the whole class went EWWWWWWW!!!! but the teacher put the finger into ice and she got sent to NUH to stitch back the finger... :( school started at 10am then suppose to have practical till 1pm... but like i said, since it is first week no practical so we got released around 10.50am like that... next is tutorial at 2pm... then we were like 'what are we suppose to do for 3 hours???' the teacher dunwan bring forward tutorial because he say got another class... so we went to eat first... FC5 a lot of pple! especially the newly opened subway! the queue was super long... so we went to FC3 to eat... liyana they all da bao kfc from FC5 to FC3 to eat :) while we waited for them to come FC3, i went to photocopy stuff... i like the room lah! i photocopy like 27 pcs of paper only cost me $0.90! if is outside it costs around $2.70 like that! HAHAHAHAS! then went to library... i borrowed bugs bunny DVD and phantom of the opera too :D then we decided to get started on our report... so long....... 20 pages...

jia yi: what if we waited finish 3 hours he talk a while and say 'okay, got no more questions you are dismissed?'
cheryl: if liddat waste my time...
me: ya! i might as well go home!

then what jia yi said came true... we 2pm reach, 2.08pm released... WTF????? he basically repeated most of the things he said in the lab! then he gimme this huge stack of notes and ask me go photocopy then give the class... OMG! and this tutorial worksheet... then me and huiqi asked for chem lab partners then went with james, jiayi, cheryl and renee to photocopy notes... tmr collect... $3.10 per person :) not bad ar :D hahas! renee tripped then her sandals broke! but she still can walk like nothing happen... walked to fc3 and waited for 3pm to go moberly to buy SP shirt :) then renee have to meet her dad and yifang came... so we 4 went to moberly to get the shirts then walked to 2nd lvl and talked :) moberly is super cool~ but weijie came out early so i left first while yifang, cheryl and jia yi entertained themselves... OMG! someone needs to teach me how to make GIFs!!!! then we can take video of yifang in that jacket and make it into a GIF! he looks so bloody cute lah! then me and weijie went to TM see phone de price... actually both also same price... so idk... taking pixon... my dad ask me to see SE W902 but i dun like...

ome moment:
first day got so many notes and lab manuals already, no wonder they give us thick file! and we still have to bring laptop on monday plus the notes, OMG!!!!!!!!!! HEAVY!
i dun feel like going clubbing anymore...
i like my class :D
i dun like admin work!
tmr paying for 3rd language! :D
next tues, even week, only need to come for one hour or less... tutorial... then go home... WTH????


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
Wednesday April 8th, 2009 12:02am

ITS JONGHYUN OPPA'S AND MY BDAE!!!!!!!!!!! SAENG IL CHUKHA HABNIDA OPPA!!!!!!!!!! have a SHINee-culous day and may you feel SHINeeWORLD's love for youuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~

going out with friends later :D

Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Friday April 3rd, 2009 1:57am

packed then went to bed... still can't believe and get over that my dog died, so i cried myself to sleep... slept at 4+...

woke up at 7am then daddy drove me to the station... suppose to meet terence and kingsley from grp but terence woke up late so i go first... keok fei, kingsley and terence were late for camp! ORRRRRRRRRRRRH!!!!!!!!! HAHAS! painted flag and made a name for our grp: APOLLY! suppose to be APOLLYO [Greek God of Destruction] :D LOLS! btw, theme of camp is angels and demons... then hmm... rupini didn't come for camp because she got throat infection... then got someone replace her but turns out he's a traitor a.k.a GM [game master] trying to inflitrate our grp and take our flag! LOLS! then hmm... cannot high ar, too tired... we learnt the banana dance and papaya dance which was super hilarious and super obscene! btw, now in poly le, all of age, so forfeits were like super obscene too! station games were gross! we got all wet and muddy because one of the station (3rd station or something) was the scissors paper stone [SPS] that one, you sit then you hurry move... OMG! i slid across the frigging chairs and my butt frigging hurts even now! and the chair got broke egg, celery, flour and water then need to sit on that... then either way win or lose, grp still has to do forfeit which is to roll on this thick trail of mud then reach the end eat celery! GOSH! i dun mind the mud but i dun like the celery! GROSS!!!!!!

papa: HAHAS! how come you all dun like celery??? rather roll on mud???

LOLS! then last station no better... because we were all muddy, last station was water game... most of the mud on our feet was gone and the place where we played was flooding with muddy water... GMs go scoop the water into a pail and ask us to use our hair as mop, soak up the water and transfer it to another pail, LIKE SOOOOOOOOO GROSS AR!!!!!!!!! then pass tictac using our mouth, so everyone's lips touched with everyone's...

then nvm, after all the games we go bathe and eat... i forgot to bring my shorts into my bathing bag then i waited in the toilet like a fool waiting for mama to bring my shorts from the bunk... then after dinner we went to play angels and demons... SIAO AR! bathe finish le then run abt the school again! SP is frigging huge ar! and at night its freaking creepy and scary!!!!!!!! T-T then end game around 2+... slept feeling sticky...

went for outdoor games :D WOOTS! i high today :D HAHAS! we got to wear our school shirt today, WOOTS CLS! went to clarke quay to play some race thingy then Camp Coms say if pple ask where are you from and why so noisy, say we're from Ngee Ann Poly's Chinese Language Society, HAHAHAHAS! we started off dancing a MASS billybanja dance at the fountain, gosh my shoes and socks got all wet! then we went to first station at speakers' corner... OMG! didi fell down twice and is fall on gravel ar! then second time he fell he bled a lot and wenyi was crying saying its her fault because he fell twice from carrying her twice... got thick blood stream from this cut ar! then we play game without him... OMGGGGGG~!!!!! i'm sooooooo sorry Ian!!!! my dirty feet have to touch your face :( then we went to Central to play but because we didn't win, we do forfeit, which was this:

OMG!!!!!!! the girls freaking touched many of the guys' lips ar! guys will carry this short stick of pokey then every girl must take a bite... HEE :D but i dun mind Yifang and Hariz's :D OOPS! HAHAHAHAS! then when we got up, can see all the pple there got a time of their lives watching us do our forfeit because they were like taking pics till they happy... then we went to next station at the merlion there near the esplanade and near the bay there, also didn't win so do forfeit which is must hug 20tourist and take 5 grp photos with them :) OMG! i love ang mos can! they so super open! then china de was like wtf! they dun even give us the time of the day! but got one china couple is nice, they let us hug and take pics with them :) LOLS! i realized that i did most of the asking... then we must dance the keeper's version of the banana dance on the bay for tourist to see but fun ar :D those on the boats we waved at them :D woots :D then went to esplanade there, suppose to pass banana using only our armpits and at the same time pass pingpong ball using mouth and then everyone must take a bite of the banana that's on ian's abs... then played more stations... GOSH! i love papa's version of chicken dance ar! shy, malay, indian, chinese and eurasian one, LAUGH OUT LOUD AR! even GMs also cannot tahan! then we were the first 2 grps to complete so went back to school... then made a nuisance of ourselves and played some idiot game coffee-tea, 1 o'clock- 2 o'clock-3 o'clock and how many man :) hahas! mama and juanne very good at it but papa and me were blur like hell :) then we were the first few to bathe! woots! then bathe le go eat then campfire! damn gao siao ar! the campfire is just fire wood, then got orange paper then put fan inside the wood then the paper fly then campfire TADA! =.=.... hahas! i like echo cheers and action songs! but i dun like there was a stream, sing till no breath! then had a shim contest [she-him = shim]... LOLS! IAN WAS FREAKING HOT WITH HIS BOOBS LAH!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! but very boring after a while... finish campfire at 1+... then went for nightwalk... 3+ still got a lot of pple still waiting their turns because its a pair walk... then my partner is my didi :D HEE! while we waited our turn we played games... we played barang barang :D then after a while it was like self entertainment because you only need like one person to laugh the rest will laugh along, usually its pple like ian, terence, yifang and the new addition to the laughables jin hao... because the nightwalk was suppose to end at 4am and 3+ still got a lot of pple waiting, GMs decided that 2pairs walk tgt faster so we did that... not say scary like what but its scary because pple unexpectedly go 'boo!' but didi hold my hand till super tight so okay lah... he thought one of the ghost was mama can!!!! FUNNY AR! then his leg injured mah so after a while he pain then he told her, then she at first bluff us say she's our mama then he tei her she cannot tahan then admitted that she's not... tripped many times but he caught me... i think i got night blindness :(... then assist-food IC super bu shuang of the grp before us! OMG! i understand how he feels! then got pple scream into my ear, super pain... my night walk was at 4am going on 5 so when finish le was abt 5+... but so sticky i can't sleep... :(

LOLS CUTE LAH! jin hao ownself scard then still listen to all stars say de ghost stories then in the end like peiyi protect him instead of the other way round... HAHAHAHAS! heard terence was scared silly! keok fei says he can't stop screaming, damn funny ar! then didi say that terence wants him to pei him go toilet after that, WTF!!!! funny ar!!!!!!!

didn't sleep much or at all... everyone was talking abt the night walk one :D LOLS~ had breakfast then we did the tell the truth time, write positive and negative stuff abt your camp mates... hahas! everyone write ian becoming a shim then like damn cute lah! all write abt his boobs, he read le he was like WTF????? HAHAHAHAHAS! got someone write didi as faggish then i read le start laughing! then we went to watch the photo montage and prize giving :) APOLLY WON THE COMEBACK KIDS AWARD! that means beginning of camp quiet quiet then middle high high one :) WOOTS! then we watched GM head got teh neh ji! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAS!!!!!! all the guys no mercy lah!!!!!!!! pinch his nipples till damn red and swollen! then we had our last mass billybanja and papa and mama gave us back our stuff and photo frame :) then all of apolly went 'papa, mama, LURRBBS you!' LOLS! then debrief jiu break camp... then after that take pics :) WOOTS! then went back to the east with keok fei, didi, terence and jollyn and jh and his grp members :) terence, jollyn and me went to do our ez-link card thingy then went home... body aching... bathe, went to sleep... woke up, went for tkd... today ma'am spared me from leading warm up... then i went to do warm-up, runnning with poom belts... like normal training like that... then okay lah, not that bad... did 2 sets of 60 kicks and sebastian died right after the running part :) i died after the kicks, then went to coach le :) woots! the white belt did me proud! :D now it yellow-tip i'm worried abt... then this sun need to go down to yio chu kang sports hall to help out, all coach need to go... hahas, 730am reach, meeting venus and maybe terence (tkd one) to go tgt :)

next time then upload pics.... got a lot, wait till Camp Chief Photographer upload on facebook and on the blog :)

ome moments:
i love CLS :D
i love mama and papa and my sibling!
11th got CLS outing at Sentosa!!!!!!!! YAY!
whole body aching...
voice quite hoarse...
i think i can coach kids! YAY :D
SP got many shuai guys!
ang mos are super shuai!
now i know why my thigh also pain, got oorh ceh!!!!!
i've been bitten by many mosquitoes!
yifang, terence, didi, ian, juanne, jollyn and jin hao's laughter are super classic and contagious! LOLS!!!!!!!


Friday, March 27th, 2009
Friday March 27th, 2009 10:52pm
i didn't know death would claim you so soon... i dare not cry in front of my parents, my parents have not seen me cry after i was 8... but my brother did, he cried long and hard... its so difficult to hide emotions and tears at home... my parents have heard from pple that i've cried but never seen.... hahas, my dog died... he died of some sickness...

i dun feel like blogging abt today... its hard keeping up the face of me not really minding that my dog died...

crying as i'm typing this :) hahas, how long more must i keep this facade up? i dun feel like going camp anymore...

thank you emelly for putting your PM just for my dog :)

tricky, love you lots :) won't forget you :) remember to visit me okay :)

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Thursday March 26th, 2009 12:31am
wed 25/3
OHH GOSH!!!!!!!! ME LOVES TODAY!!!!!!! today met JH then mrt-ed down to SP :) hahas! signed up for CLS camp which is from 31st march to 1st april and we ain't going to St. John Island like the Biz school and Engineering school... hahas! met some pple from my course de which is cool :) and i met only one guy from my course YiFang :) hahas! then met an otaku Keok Fei :) she's dang cute lah! LOLS! the papaya dance was dang cute too!! and got shuai ges! Hariz is one of them :) woots! then realised that Jollyn lives in pasir ris too! she studies in PRCS and if i'm not wrong should be in the same class as Min Yee :) hahas, then mrt-ed back with JH, Pamela and Keok Fei... OME! Pamela and Keok Fei though just met already high on the train and i high a little with them :) Pamela overwhelmed me!!!!!!!!! GOSH! i assumed she was same age as us...

me: why didn't you go JC?
pamela: i did! i just graduated only...
me: huh???? how old are you???
pamela: 18
me: *overwhelmed*
pamela: i now waiting for uni de results, see if i can get in... then come poly see... if i can't get into uni i continue with poly DBS (Dip. Biomedical Science)
me: ohhhhhh...

OME moment:
right now i'm still overwhelmed...
this sun can go kau fu hse!!!! YAY! for the first time going over to his new hse :D hahas! he doing my laptop stuff, i'd rather trust a relative/IT pro than to trust myself...
fri watch night movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!
NEXT SUN NIDDA REACH YCK SPORTS HALL AT 730AM!!!!!!! GOSH!!!!!!!! LEAVE HSE AT 630AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
i take back what i said abt turd#1...
i hate him#1 !

     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:

i cnnt bear liao lol
sooner or later can baozha
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
catch my stomach faster!!!
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
it landed on the floor!
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
dun step on it!!
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
i slipped!
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:

♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
no wonder
its your balls
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
balls =.=
u guyi de right
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
yep :)
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
knew it

.....more talkings then........

♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
then he say he got watch anime de then i'm like really???????
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
does he even use the com
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
coms are like non-existent to him
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
he watch those "A"nime lah
can tell le
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
he say he watch bleah then i'm like really????????
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
i'm glad you know :)
today so many typo!
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
u extended my life sia
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ohh gosh! i need to post this conversation on my blog! so funny!
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typo 1 time still ok
typo liao den same typo again
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
     εїз*.¸.·♥.ღ임위결ღ.♥.¸.*εїз     ♪~ d(^_^)b~♫ says:
♥       υѕα-υѕα      -小乖乖!Dance Crew- says:
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Monday, March 23rd, 2009
Monday March 23rd, 2009 9:19pm
rotted at home today :) i like a lot! hahas! chatted with forum friends but then they have to sleep le since most of them are in USA and Canada so its like 12hours diff in time... they now at school so waiting for them to come back ard 12-1+?? hahas!


now i'm frigging waiting for BOF ep22 and ep23 to come out!!!!!!!! OME! ARASHI VOX! HURRY SUB PLEASE!!!!! I WANNA WATCH~~~~~~~

SOEULMATES <3333333333333333! 

friday watch movie!
let the right on in! [the first horror movie i suggested to go watch... why??? idk! but the book seems interesting :D]

today's OME moment:
i've forgotten everything Bio related!
i also have forgotten everything Amaths related!
this wed going to SP for camp briefing!!!!!!!!! OMEEEEEEEEE~ 

-hey shawty shawty shawty~

Monday March 23rd, 2009 9:15pm
watched Hotel For Dogs and Push with Weijie, Fe and Wongwong :D WOOTS! LOVED IT! ESPECIALLY PUSH! HAHAHAHAS!!!!!! the guy that screamed was super funny! when pple and things died when that guy scream, we all were like laughing loud! but its super funny! can't help it!

Weijie: hey sam! that screamer guy copied you!
me: what????
weijie: remember? you called alvin then you go 'wo du zi errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!'

LOLS~ then sam wong hates the UFO machine, so do i :D hahahahahahas! hp suppose to come de but then she rebond hair take longer than expected... then actually suppose to continue with 3rd movie, let the right one in but then i after playing UFO machine no money le... so went home... :D

went weijie's hse, can't remember what i did, only remember paying him my $88.18 and bought breakfast/lunch (brunch) for him and emelly :D help weijie take out his ear stud, i'm a pro :D then can't remember what we did except watch FO! OMG! YOONA AND DAESUNG ARE LOVEDDDDDDDDDD~ SO CUTE! chunderella is also loveddddd :D LOLS! Hyori poked Jaesuk's butt and fell off the cliff!!!!!! LOLS~~~~~ OHH! and i slipped on the cushion in weijie's living room then kicked till the stool and my toenail went into the flesh and it FRIGGING BLED! HAHAHAHAHAS!

to emelly and weijie: i want that badge!!!!!!!! RAWRS!
-do you laaaike me??- LOLS!

today morning met Rachelle then went to Weijie's hse :D WOOTS! woke him up! and woke Emelly up too! hahas! then we cooked maggie mee and scrambled eggs to eat while watching BOF :) hahas! then helped weijie wash dishes, lols! rachelle and emelly laugh frigging loud when watching! HAHAHAHAS! then watched BOF with rachelle for a while then used weijie's com and shopped... OME~~~~ I SO BLOODY WANT A COLONIZE HOODIE!!!!! the price is okay but then plus shipping its like the original price which is shit! COLONIZE!!!!!!! RAWRS! i want the ultraman and hello kitty one! then after that we ALL online shopped: puffy, joyce, JJS :) hahas! i go buy the bracelet again :D

while watching BOF:
-scene of a man wearing a suit, folding his cuffs-
me and emelly: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! (we already watched, rachelle haven't so she dunno who it is)
rachelle: ??????????????
-jihoo appears with new hairstyle-
rachelle: i thought its kim bum!!!!!!!! turns out its this hot guy!!!!!!!!

OME moments:
i'm going for CLS camp!!!!!!! :D
next week watching more movies :D [let the right one in, DMC, confessions of a shopaholic and fanboys]
i want mix style headphones and colonize!!!!!!!!!!
i want SNSD badges!!!!!!!

-so concentrated watching BOF :D-

-my eyes!-


Saturday, March 7th, 2009
Saturday March 7th, 2009 1:47am
my favorite soft toys :)
mini noco noco pooh and the pooh slippers :D

for the past two night i've been doing this :) 3D crystal puzzle, 14 pieces only! then no matter what i do, still cannot get the remaining parts tgt! then my bro help me :)

TADA! my apple!

it took me 2 night (approx. 6 hours) to complete a 14 piece puzzle with help, it took my brother 2 hours to complete a 44 piece puzzle all by himself... IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME???

meet my new junior :) hahas~ Huiying :) i want her to be the next sectional leader! then now i'm considering pei cong and mary (maybe?), suria and alyssha (the sec 2 one)... then you all ownself go decide who will be which batch de sectional leader :)

WOOTS~ ALTOS JIAYOU!!!!! got 1 month and 2 weeks till SYF!!!!! GET BRONZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least choir won't close down... then can focus on studies and going overseas :D i'll try to from my orientation chiong go VCH okay??? meet you all there then see you all wear curtains, again! :D

 john brown's boots are polished so fine~ john brown's spurs they jingle and shine!

OHH YA!!!!! NO MORE TIME FOR YOU ALL TO PONTANG SECTIONALS AND SHOW YOUR SHITTY ATTITUDES TO YOUR LEADERS LE!!!!!!! YOU WANNA DO THAT DO AFTER SYF!!!!! don't regret after SYF okay! i know i didn't and i hope you won't too... especially those in the SYF team! you can easily replaced if you decide to slack now, i'm serious... and those in the non-SYF team, you can be easily put into the SYF-team too if you all keep working hard okay? jiayou jiayou!!! i wish i can sing in SYF too! i like the choice pieces but i hate the set piece.... -____-

geylang sipaku geylang~ geylang si rama rama~ pulang, marilah pulang, marilan pulang, bersama-sama~~~ ikan ke ke hoi! ikan ke kek~ WOOTS! me loves this choice piece!

dear i miss you lots!! though i'm pissed with what you are about to do, i guess that's your choice... but i still love you :) you owe me many many earthquakes for that! HUMPH!!!!!!!! bleahs! ohh and i hope i won't stick around to hear you get scolded... i will heart pain de...

OME moments:

OME! i think i'm turning into a VIP and a SOWON!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
OME! pple from the states are super friendly :)
OME! ebay and yesasia is gonna be the death of me... weijie! i want that headphone!!!!!!!!!


Friday, February 27th, 2009
Friday February 27th, 2009 10:07pm
today went back for choir :) but bought lunch for krystal and jiahui first... then choir hmm... sad! actually wanna watch them practise de but then the instructor ask me bring the non-syf team de go other place to do physical activities but they are sooooooo uncooperative! dang! and their pitching a bit weird.... then hmm... instructor left early so went back for bonding activities and committee meeting which i haven't had in a long time... :D then hmm... sectionals... SO HAPPY! i can sing 1/3 of the hungarian folk song which i learnt within 2 choir practices! i wanna go SYF!!!!!! *sobs* hahas :D then hmm... made jiahui and huiqi roll on the floor... then jiahui attempted to make me roll on the floor too but hers is more like pinching.... which hurts... haiix... then hmm... OH YA!!! this year JYSS choir got go overseas to see the best choir conductor hold concert, Nelson Kwai at Genting :D i wanna go!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Chew say i can go along too! then i wanna share room with Krystal, Kimie, Jiahui, Huiqi and Jacqueline :) any two of them :D Mr Chew say can arrange for me to go!!! COOL~ HEEEEEE! BUT!!!!!!!!!! its on the 16th to 20th November... i think my term break end le.... sad.... hahas, can i skip school???? :D

and ya! today how cher and yan zi came :D hahas, my choir lao gong! freaking HILARIOUS lah!!!!! my choir lao gong! hahas, my choir lao gong is yan zi :D funny can!!!!!!!

today's omg moment:
OMG! i can sing 1/3 of the hungarian folk song!
*sings* John Brown's boots are polished so fine~ John Brown's spurs they jingle and shine~
OMG! i wanna learn Geyland Sipaku Geylang, Ikan Kekek, Chan Mali Chan~
OMG! my junior trust me so much that i'm touched! :D hahas~

Sebas! dun ps me in tkd please!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
Wednesday February 25th, 2009 11:34pm
today went out with pengg to watch movie, GOSH! it was EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!!!!!! so freaking boring! i'd rather watch the grass grow or watch the paint dry... dang! the movie is called 'He's just not that into you', B.O.R.I.N.G!!!!!!!! then got this guy who keeps laughing so loudly! and it wasn't even that funny... and the show should be rated NC16 instead of PG...  not that it matters since i'm still able to be admitted inside :)

haiix... tkd, coaching isn't really my thing... i still am much more used to training... then ma'am says i have to think this through... but i really wanna go back training but i dun have much to look forward to since the only competition i can go for is nationals and i dun think i'm good enough to go for nationals... i wanna coach poom belts like terrance! dang! think next week i go back to training bah...

-thank you for saying that :) it really means a lot to me :) love you many many~ -

today's OMG moment:
OMG! i wasted $6.50 on that movie!
OMG! my dog is anorexic!
OMG! my tkd uniform isn't really put to good use since i'm barely sweating in them!
OMG! i miss you so much :)

ohh yeah, i saw yiling yesterday at school :) she looks better in TPJC uniform than JYSS de :)

third language shall be korean!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
Tuesday February 24th, 2009 11:18pm
gosh~ BOF IS LOVEDDDDDDD~ freaking hilarious!

two days ago i stepped on my dad's toe... his toe that was stepped on bled, the part of my feet that stepped on his toe bled... pain.... can't walk properly... :(

today went back to JYSS for choir :) vocals have really improved :) but their memory hasn't... Kai Teng can play my favourite song! OMG! River Flows In You, HEE~ really like that song! SHE CAN PLAY IT ON THE PIANO!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD hmm... then bullied jiahui, kimie and krystal :) hahas, too bad jacqueline wasn't around much... :) missed all of them so much :) then after choir went to eat KFC with huiqi, krystal and jiahui and talked a lot :) think we 3 bored jiahui to death... hahas, sorry girl :) then bus-ed back... reached home at 8+, and i FINALLY completed the online enrollment! WOOTS~ i'm seriously pissed with the enrollment thingy... WHY THE HECK DO WE NEED MEDICAL CHECKUP???? WE'RE GOING TO STUDY! NOT ENLIST INTO NS!!!!!!!! SHIT! haiix... then hmm... need to dye back my hair because SP dun allow pple to dye hair... maybe i dying metallic blue :) see weijie want or not :)

watching BOF, doesn't Gu Junpyo looks like Changmin???? Doesn't KimBum looks like Jaejin??? KimBum is loveddddd :D

today's OMG moment:
OMG! i can still reach that note during warm up when i haven't sang choir songs in the LONGEST of times!
OMG! i like the choir song geylang sipaku geylang medley! :D
OMG! i can't choose between Korean or French or German as 3rd language!!!!!! DANG!!!!!
OMG! SP CCA!!!!!!! 

missing you by the minute:)~

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